alaskaslot Enlightening Congress

In between the lavish parties being held around Vegas during the last week, the unshakably slot88 Players Alliance held an important meeting in Aznā alaskaslot Seafood Restaurant in the Rio to recruit members and discuss the pending anti-online gaming bill.

Group President Michael Bolcerek urged players to unite under one alliance. He said if just a small percentage of the 23 million American online players and 70 million players overall band together, Congress would hear that voice.

Player and writer Mark Tenner said that at least ten states prohibit home games and many won’t allow charity tournaments. “In order for these states to change we need not be individuals, but to work as a group,” he said.

Tenner noted the provisions that have been carved out of the bill so that it wouldn’t affect horse betting or lotteries, games with much more gamble than poker.

“Whether gambling is bad or not bad, this is bullshit,” he said, eliciting a hearty response from the crowd.

The bill also includes exclusion for fantasy sports, Tenner said, because the fantasy organizers urged players to send an email to Congressional inboxes at the same day at the same time. The effort shut down computers for days.

“Well dammit, let’s show them the power of poker players,” he said.

Behind the Scenes

Until you’ve either played in a televised poker tournament or watched it being filmed up close, it’s hard to really comprehend just how in your face the cameras and sound equipment are. It’s not the fault of the crew at all, it’s just the way it is. Ask any former reality TV star. Away from the featured table stage, camera and boom operators squeeze their way through 2000 seated players like the rest of us, recording key hands and monitoring the progress of “names” like Daniel Negreanu and T.J. Cloutier. This footage gets spliced into the broadcast in between hands on the TV featured table. At least half a dozen crews are circulating the floor at all times.

To get a good shot of the flop, operators need to squeeze in between two other players, like these two guys in the 9 and 10 seats on Josh Arieh’s table. As Arieh contemplated his call here on the river, he twirled his Milwaukee’s Best “All In Chip” between his fingers and asked the dealer if he simply had to flip it into the pot to declare all-in. When the dealer nodded yes, Arieh’s lips curved into a smirk as he stared at his opponent. He twirled the chip a couple more times before finally mucking his hand to heavy “awwwws” and sighs from his tablemates. Someone loves the lens…

The photo above is a view from directly behind the cameraman’s shoulder. Note the boom mike hovering above.

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