Bodog-Poker result hk  – Current Leaders May 9th



The monthly and weekly races are on at Bodog result hk as multitable tournament players strive to win huge and place well on the leaderboards. Let’s see who sits on top for May so far and who has the best chance to win a chance to play a Bodog pro this week.


Here are the leaders for the month of May to date:


  1. al0825 – 2311 pts
  2. Dartanian – 2127 pts
  3. dunkin dutchman – 1990 pts
  4. uriahfaber – 1790 pts
  5. vinnyb9 – 1789 pts
  6. dirty_thien – 1744 pts
  7. andyvanslyke – 1697 pts
  8. RJules12 – 1538 pts
  9. fitzfitz – 1464 pts
  10. yankee02 – 1446 pts


While there are a couple familiar names, most of these people were not in the top ten for the month of April. The people returning to the top ten this month (so far) are andyvanslyke and vinnyb9, who were 5th and 6th place respectively in April. vinnyb9 is very used to being in the top ten; in fact, he has held a top ten spot for 25 of the last 30 days. Impressive!


dirty_thien, who currently sits in 6th place for the month, was in first place for the start of the month. He kept the top spot until just a few days ago when dunkin dutchman made a huge jump from 7th to 1st in just one day. dunkin dutchman kept the lead for only a short time, however; the very next day both al0825 and Dartanian overtook him, and now al0825 is in first place for May. Like vinnyb9, al0825 is also used to being in the top ten for Bodog’s monthly leaderboards – he’s held a top ten spot for 21 of the last 30 days.


It is obviously far too early in the month to be making any bold predictions, so we’ll hold off on guessing who might win it all for the month of May. There could very well be someone off the boards right now who might make a brilliant tournament run and leap to the front of the pack before it’s all said and done!


The weekly leaderboard, however, is different; there are only a couple more days left in the week, so we’ll have a winner soon. Let’s see who won last week’s race first!


The top 3 for last week (ending May 4th):


  1. dirty_thien – 1740 pts
  2. nevertilt22 – 1641 pts
  3. bigfishKrAm311 – 1403 pts


The weekly leaderboard of last week certainly explains why dirty_thien was doing so well on the monthly board at the start of May. He won the chance to play a Bodog pro heads-up for his efforts.


Here are the standings for the weekly race so far for this week:


  1. WillyNilly – 1350 pts
  2. ParliGod – 1318 pts
  3. Dartanian – 1302 pts
  4. vinnyb9 – 1286 pts
  5. Killa_Tyven – 1227 pts
  6. uriahfaber – 1218 pts
  7. al0825 – 1154 pts
  8. fitzfitz – 1011 pts
  9. StraightNutz – 993 pts
  10. dunkin dutchman – 962 pts


You don’t find dirty_thien in the top ten, which would help explain his drop on the monthly leaderboard recently. In fact, he’s currently 43rd this week so far. Dartanian and vinnyb9 are 3rd and 4th respectively, showing that this past week’s results really helped propel them towards the top for the month. The same can be said for al0825, who is 7th so far. WillyNilly, in first place, is a new name to me. A quick search finds him in 12th place for the month, which isn’t too shabby at all. He needs to hang on to the top spot for only a couple more days to claim the weekly title and win that exciting heads-up match. Be sure to come back in a week to find out if he was able to keep 1st place.


For more information on how the Bodog leaderboards work and what prizes are available to be won, please click here. To see up-to-date standings, click here. If you want to see standings from any other day this past week (or month for that matter), please take a look at the Bodog network page: As always, thanks for reading and see you next Friday for another summary of the standings!



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