Email Service Providers for Start-ups

Irrespective of the industry you are in, you can use email marketing to build a stronger brand presence. Email marketing is especially important for start-ups as it allows them to cultivate a personal relationship with their customers, which in turn increases their sales. In addition to that, start-ups can also increase their profitability as email marketing has an ROI of 3600%. But navigating through the various complexities of email campaigns can be frustrating for the new players. This is where an email service provider comes into play.

What are email service providers?

Email Service Providers or ESPs are software companies that help you create a subscribers list and run email campaigns. With their software, it becomes easy to create and maintain the hygiene of your email lists. At the very least, an email service provider should be able to create an email list and send emails. Moreover, all the email service providers actively try to prevent your emails from ending in the spam folders.

What are some of the essential features that an email service provider should have?

Ideally, an email service provider should make it simpler for you to create highly engaging emails with a high conversion rate. These email service providers should also provide a drag-and-drop email editor for the easy creation of email templates. Of course, they will also get you access to the codes of these templates to ensure that they are complying with all the rules and regulations. Mostly, email service providers will give you access to these features in their free or the most basic package.

As you subscribe to the more expensive packages, you’ll start getting more advanced features. To start, you can do website tracking to get additional data about your subscribers. Then, you can funnel that data through various filters to create different segments based on your customer’s likes and dislikes. You can use segmentation tactics to send highly personalized emails.

Apart from that, you also get access to the feature to insert dynamic content in your emails to make them more engaging. Automation tools will also be available to you. The more advanced packages will also let you extensively test your campaigns and automate them. You can even conduct A/B testing of various email content and subject lines. Finally, you can also create lead capture forms.

What are the top 3 ESPs for start-ups?


Mailchimp is an email service provider that is used by beginners and experts alike. This is because they provide a free version and then gradually offer you the advanced variants as your contact list starts to grow. In their free package, they offer all the basic features along with a massive library of free Mailchimp HTML templates. The price range of the paid version depends on the total number of subscribers in your email list.

What are some of the best features of MailChimp?

  • Mailchimp offers a simple drag-and-drop editor which you can use to easily create multiple templates. However, if you want to laze around, you can select an appropriate template from the Mailchimp HTML template library.
  • If you are an email marketing expert, you get the ability to create more complex custom-coded HTML email templates.
  • Mailchimp has a built-in image editor that allows you to easily create appealing email templates.
  • Saving the best for last, Mailchimp supports 200+ integrations with various social media channels and other applications like Magento and Shopify.

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