Gin Rummy Online Attracts Big Money Slot Malaysia Gamblers


Slot Malaysia gamblers who play the online version of Gin Rummy for real cash money at average twice the money gambled online than the average casino gamblers States “Gin Rummy attracts $50+ revenue per month compared to $25+ each for casual game players”

Big money is always an attraction. It seems Gin Rummy Online might be the next big money attraction online.

I like Gin Rummy, Kalookie was even better though, but certainly more complicated, which would mean Kalookie might not transfer well to online gaming.

Blue Square Warning Message >>

It has come to our attention that a number of our competitors’ customers have recently received emails claiming to be the “Security Department”, encouraging customers to disclose personal information by clicking on a web link embedded in the email. We are pleased to say that no such phony email has yet been sent to Blue Square customers, however, please be advised that should you receive any such communication you should not reply or follow any link contained within.

You will only ever be asked to provide personal information to Blue Square when securely logged into our website or when in direct communication with our Customer Services team, via either telephone or fax.

Please also be aware that Blue Square will NEVER request your password by email so, should you ever be asked for it, please assume that the email is not genuine. Should you have any doubts about any mail received please feel free to call our Customer Services team on (UK) 0800 587 0500, (ROI) 0818 221 010, (Rest of World) 0044 207688 6210 or Email Blue Square

Your security is of paramount importance to us, we are constantly monitoring and updating our systems to combat online fraud and hence this email is simply a pre-warning of what we are aware has happened to other companies.

Olympic City Host Betting Odds – 2012

Ladbrokes.comWilliam Hill have Paris at 1/6 Favourites to host the Olympics in 2012 – Londons odds are 7/2 in the betting according to William Hill.

Ladbrokes do not disagree with Bill Hill’s about London’s chances at odds of 7/2, but the magic sign think Paris are a 2/9 odds on shot to host the 2012 Olympics, not 1/6 odds on.

It is not often Ladbrokes ~ the magic sign arw wrong, maybe they know something we don’t. It sure seems ;like Paris will host the 2012 Olympics and :Lasdbrokes agree by offering 2/9, but they are a bit out according to William Hills. Maybe Ladbrokes are looking to take some lumpy bets. It has been known.

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