How can I compute the file size of a digital image?


To compute the Image Size in MB (megabytes):

multiply Width (in inches)  x Height (in inches) the Resolution Squared.  Then divide the total by 344,000.

For example:

A 3 x 3 inch image with a resolution of 300 dpi’s  would have a 2.35MB Image/File Size  (3 x 3 x 300 x 300 / 344000).

For example:

A 3.5 x 8.33 inch image a resolution of 300 dpi’s  would have a 7.63MB Image/File Size (3.5 x 8.33 x 300 x 300 / 344000).

You can also uses the above formula to determine the resolution of a given digital art work file by simply working backwards. First determine the file size by looking at your file in Windows Explorer and then work backwards.

For example:

Windows Explorer tells you that your 3″ x 3″ image has a file size of 1.22MB. Now, do the following:

Multiply 1.22MB x 344000 = 419680

Divide by 3 = 139893

Divide again by 3 = 46631

Now hit the Square-Root () or SQRT button on your calculator = 215.94 dpi’s = approximate resolution of your 3 inch by 3 inch digital image.

Can I send you .eps formatted art work files or is it preferable to have them in the .ai format?

Yes, you can send us art work 2023 Nude Calendars the generic .eps format (Encapsulated Post Script) but you’ll have to consider that sometimes when we open this type of file the original dimensions are changed, distortions might have been introduced, colors might not be as you intended, fill and other special effects might not open up correctly in our programs.


If at all possible, you should always send us your files in the .ai format as we have experienced fewer problems with the .ai format than the .eps format.

Since we have to assume that the information in the .eps file you sent us, and how it opens in our graphics applications, is exactly what you want, and since we’re not able to tell the difference, we cannot be held responsible for any “distortions” that might result in the finished mug decoration.

We might not be able to open and use any images that are embedded in other files. Hence all files that are to be used for the decoration of coffee mugs must be submitted in their original file format, either in the bitmap/raster or vector format. We cannot be responsible for mug decorations based on digital files sent to us that do not meet with these requirements.

Vector File format we prefer: CorelDraw (version 11)

Raster/Bitmap formats we prefer: Photoshop and .tif

Keep your fonts intact in Photoshop

When sending files to print vendors or us, for example, there are certain things that a designer must always include. When type is included in a Photoshop document all you have to do is save the document as an EPS. Just remember to select the Include Vector Data check box in the EPS Options dialog box. This way your font is actually outlines rather than a font call.

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