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When we use masks or other products made ​​by us at home with natural products usually are designed for mature skin as it is needed more treatment due to wrinkles, loss of elasticity, brightness etc. However, teenagers may also use these home remedies that are going to help you to keep natural beauty skin free of pimples and get a more luminous and radiant skin. If you are looking forward to Laser hair removal near me West Hollywood

natural beauty skin

– Scrub: Although not as often as the more mature skin, facial skin of adolescents also needs to be exfoliated to remove dead cells. To do this, nothing better than using a mask made ​​with three drops of glycerin, three drops of lemon juice and three drops of almond oil. Preparing it is very simple, as it is only necessary to mix the ingredients and then apply to the face, always without rubbing, pressing lightly on the skin. Thus get skin clean grease and dirt that clog pores, thus avoiding the appearance of grains blackheads and pimples.

– Close the pores: The excess fat that may accompany the skin in adolescence can cause pores to dilate largely still very visible and spoiling the appearance of the skin. Close them is simple, since we only need whole milk yogurt is cold and explain it on your face for about ten minutes. Then rinse with cold water and see how the pore size decreased.

– Acne mask: Nothing like some delicious strawberries to get rid of this torture that accompanies teenagers. We must take some strawberries and make a puree them, crushing them with a fork. Then apply it on the face, leave it on for fifteen minutes and finally rinse with warm water by shooting cold.

It is amazing that all the changes of your body experienced throughout those eternal nine months of pregnancy; It’s amazing how that perfect machinery is your body amended, its bone structure to accommodate your small in your hips; It’s amazing how your breasts were transformed into inexhaustible sources of milk to satisfy the hunger of your baby. Gradually, and as time passes, things return to its natural place, but sometimes we need to collaborate with some diet and physical activity. Now that your baby is a little bigger, you are more organized with everything that is your attention and have more time for you, look at your body and your skin discover, some sequels that pregnancy left her, we tell you how to take care of skin after pregnancy.

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