I’m planning a new trip to Thailand in October this year; I hope I can make it.

I read about an interesting event on Phuket during that period, it’s called the PHUKET VEGETARIAN FESTIVAL and it’s held mainly in Phuket Town and in all Chinese temples of the island. Sounds good? Do you want to buy 2023 Australian calendars? Order calendars here.

Phuket Vegetarian

Besides the fact that for one week they will serve many vegetarian food everywhere, there are some worshipping activities which might seem pretty much splattering; many local people will turn into ‘mediums’ and will practice hazardous piercing on their body and face, some will step on ladders made of blades, and others will walk on burning charcoals. I’ve seen a few pictures already, very impressive, I’m curious about the whole history and philosophy behind all of this; I want to interview some locals once there.


The advantage of attending such event is that I can enjoy the beach. I know it’s not the best time of the year for the weather, but who knows? I might be lucky.

For my stay in Phuket this time I want my own private pool. Yes, you heard me well. A friend of mine told me that renting a villa in Phuket would be cheaper than a good hotel, especially in low season. She recommended me to book a property in PHUKET using the website HOLIPLANET, because they are specialized on apartments and villa rentals. It’s a new platform, I had a look at it and the choice of properties in Thailand is really not bad. I’ve even found a few villas with one bedroom and pool, which for me would be perfect. The prices are interesting too, I wouldn’t expect it.

Pool villa Holiplanet

I thought that staying in a house I would enjoy much more space and more privacy. And being low season I don’t want to be stuck in a tiny hotel room if it will be raining. It will be a sort of retreat for me, I want to avoid the crowd of a resort or a hotel.

On the way back I will stop a few days in Bangkok for some unrestrained shopping! I was curious to see which offers has HOLIPLANET in BANGKOK, and they have a good number of serviced apartments available also for a few days only, and some of them, WOW, really affordable! So I thought, why not? Once again I can have more space for writing my articles about this experience in the evening without being immersed by my shopping bags!


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