The melasma emergence of internal reasons

A, endocrine disorders – estrogen can promote the growth and metabolism, increasing blood circulation. However, if excessive secretion, will stimulate the melanocytes, the formation of freckles. For example: pregnancy, there are obstacles to the genitals, such as menopause.

B, liver dysfunction – because the liver detoxification and metabolism, so if a recession liver function, nutrition will not completely break down, causing the skin can not absorb nutrients, toxins can not be discharged, the role of estrogen in the blood to increase, which will stimulate the melanocytes increase.

C, acidity corporeity – partial acid blood, cell metabolism and function of the operation of the disruption of life, so that melanoma can not be normal metabolism, resulting in the formation of melanin deposition of black freckles. To learn more about your interest on “ Lytham St Annes best injectables for face“, check here

In theory, the skin from the aging 23-year-old around, the skin should be maintained from the beginning of time, regular maintenance of the cortex of the dead skin cells on a small, the skin appears to be relatively healthy. If the skin is aging, do not leave everything, you no longer care about the skin. To know that the beautiful is the need to run!

In order to provide a wealth of information, we have chosen a few samples of the beauty cream on the skin more experienced Beauty Body institutions, in their fight against the stain can be said to each of them has its characteristics, perhaps from their experience you can get The new source of inspiration.

The melasma emergence of external reasons

A, such as excessive caffeine, will stimulate the stomach or cause insomnia, anxiety arising from the spirit of melanin deposition is easy to make. Acidic foods, reduced blood circulation will affect the metabolism, causing deposition of pigment, recommended to eat less meat, eat more vegetables, fruits, will help the skin whitening.

B, nerve stimulation, so that the normal functioning of the pituitary, adrenal gland to increase hormone, in turn lead to melanoma cells to create a large number of melanin, the pigment precipitation occurs on the phenomenon.

C, poor-quality cosmetics and skin care products with the quality of lead, heavy metals such as mercury, or vice renal cortex, a strong anti-inflammatory chemicals, and so on, so that the composition of sterilization of skin chronic inflammation, caused by abnormal melanin deposition.

D, some of the drug will lead to the formation of melanin, or interfere with the metabolism of melanin, and the resulting accumulation of melanin, such as contraceptives or a strong element of nature.


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