THOSE CLEVER MARKETING PRESENTATIONS – Explained by Laser treatments Delray Beach


All anti aging skin care product companies know what consumers expect these days from an effective anti aging skin product. It must (tangibly) reduce the visible signs of aging by addressing several key factors: If you are looking forward to Laser treatments Delray Beach

Reduce/diminish fine lines and wrinkles

Target sun damage- age spots, freckles and discolorations/blotches

Firm up the skin and improve elasticity

Overall, create a clearly visible more youthful appearance

The elite brand companies in particular go to great lengths and expense to educate us on the latest, most advanced skin rejuvenation technology which can achieve these product goals. (This expense helps to inflate the purchase price of their products !)

For example ask any female skin care consumer under the age of 50 about the latest anti aging skin care product science and they’ll tell you in so many words that it involves a 3 pronged approach:

Addressing the loss of collagen and elastin using ingredients that boost the levels of these

Addressing lower levels of hyaluronic acid using proven ingredients to boost hyaluronic acid levels

Reducing the destructive effects of oxidation from the action of free radical by using powerful antioxidant ingredients to neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals

So, even though they proudly teach us that these are the three cutting edge scientific ‘basics’ needed to properly address the causes of skin aging, do the expensive big brand name products actually contain highly effective ‘anti aging’ ingredients to address all three?


For the reasons I explained above they can’t afford to tackle all three. A simply evaluation of their active ingredients reveals they usually target only one and in the best case scenario, ‘two’, of the causes of skin aging!

What you must keep in mind here is that these fundamental causes of skin aging are INTERRELATED and INTERDEPENDENT on one another so unless you address all three of them (at the same time) you will not be successful with your anti aging program.

The bottom line therefore when evaluating the ‘effectiveness’ angle of any anti aging skin care treatment, is to make sure a product contains clinical proven ingredients which address ALL THREE causes of skin aging.

NOW, that’s just for starters. There are effective ‘anti aging’ ingredients and then there are highly effective ‘anti aging’ ingredients! So, if you’re really serious about your anti aging efforts AND expect excellent value for the money you spend, you must carefully consider the ‘DEGREE OF EFFECTIVENESS’ of the ‘anti aging’ ingredients used in an anti aging skin care product!

This is where the elite brand companies have things to hide. They are impacted by expense heavy marketing and distribution and their huge cost ineffective organizational structures. They are also under immense pressure (ie. GREED) by shareholders and stakeholders to generate increased bottom line profits.

So, even though they manage to include some ‘proven’ anti aging ingredients (up to 2 years ‘old’ and no longer the ‘most effective’ choices) and despite the fact that their formulas do not address all three causes of skin aging, their cost/profit pressure and the fact that they manufacture products to a set price, means that they can only afford to include the key anti aging ingredients in VERY SMALL QUANTITIES.

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